Remove a Padlock

Sometimes you lose the key or combination to your lock.  It is easy to misplace a key that you only use once a year.  I can help you get that lock off.  First I will try to use lockpicks.  Then if you find the key later you can use the padlock again.  If I can’t pick the lock in ten minutes or the lock is malfunctioning I will cut the lock off.  Total cost tax already included is:

  • $120 for a trip charge to areas within a few miles of Green Lake
  • $10-30  to remove a padlock or storage locker or bicycle lock
  • $45 extra on the weekend and after 6 pm.
  • $5 for a low security replacement padlock up to over $1000 for a Sargent and Greenleaf medium security padlock.  I also have rekeyable padlocks for $35-80 which are convenient in that you can use your house key making it less likely that you lose the key again, and disc locks that are designed to make bolt cutters very difficult to use against them.  Also available are padlocks compatible with interchangable cores.

I do not accept any responsibility for what happens if you do any of the following:

If you would like to save money, have extra time and think you can do this yourself, one can get a hacksaw, angle grinder or boltcutters for a reasonable price at some place like harbor freight.  While you are there spend a few dollars for eye protection if you have none. Though I wouldn’t advise it, you could use a dremel tool to cut through a bicycle lock. You could also just hit a cheap masterlock with a hammer or pry it off with a suitably thick and long screwdriver or other implement suitable for prying.  Thieves like to use a carjack to get u-locks off, and to get a chain or cable lock off they will twist the bike over and over until the cable snaps.  This is why it is good to use a good lock, but also park in a public area where these shenanigans will not go unnoticed.  You can use these tools and techniques but hopefully you have proof of ownership for the bicycle in case the police come.