Zero Emissions Seattle Locksmith Services

Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC is proud to offer zero emissions carbon neutral locksmith services to clients that specifically request it within five miles of Green Lake.  This includes unlocking, installation, rekeying, and repair of locks.

To make this feasible, you must provide the following information:

  • Brand of your locks
  • A picture of the key(s) that currently works in your locks
  • Number of locks
  • Color of your locks
  • Number of keys you want

I have limited space for hardware on a bicycle.  Most locksmiths drive large vans that get less than 15 mpg, but hold hardware for every possible application and in every finish.  If possible I want to bring exactly what I need and nothing more to make my transit time as quick as possible.  I charge $75 for any location within a few miles of Green Lake on up to $95 for locations five miles away.

In the further interest of preventing unnecessary emissions I will do anything possible to repair a lock if it can be restored to good working order.