Fresh Install Locks on Narrow Stile Doors

Maple Leaf Locksmith has the equipment and experience to fresh install Adams Rite locks on aluminum and glass storefront narrow stile doors. This covers many types of locks from auto locking deadlatches to hookbolts and deadbolts to panic bars and electronic locks. Most locksmiths don’t offer this service.

The most common request I get is to replace broken Adams Rite locks, or convert deadbolts to deadlatches with paddles or panic bars. The cost to convert a hookbolt or deadbolt installation on an aluminum door to deadlatch with a paddle is going to cost $350 minimum.

The cost to fresh install a deadbolt or hookbolt in an aluminum door is under $400. The cost depends on if you want double cylinder or single cylinder with a thumbturn, or maybe a lever on the inside. Other variables are if you need an exit indicator as required by the fire marshall in certain situations or high security lock cylinders.

A deadbolt or hookbolt is much more secure than a deadlatch against forced entry. Occasionally I am asked to install these above a deadlatch. This way at night the door can be locked much more effectively to prevent the door from being pried away from the door frame. The difference is the throw, or how far the lock extends into the doorframe. A deadlatch might only extend 5/8″. A deadbolt will extend 1 and 3/8″! A hookbolt is specifically designed to hook into the doorframe in case of a prybar attack.

Prying the door away from the doorframe is a common method of breaking into aluminum storefront doors because they are by design flexible. The frames on these doors can be bent inches without breaking the glass. Sometimes deadlatches are necessary because of fire codes and the circumstances of the building. In these situations an interlocking astragal covers all space between the door and frame so there isn’t anywhere to insert a prying device.

Latch protectors don’t necessarily prevent this. Some of them do have anti-spread pins to prevent this but they aren’t designed for use with adams rite locks. They are okay for hollow steel or wood doors but they can be pried back before then prying the door open.

In the event electronic access control is needed on a narrow stile door a few options are possible. An Alarm Lock narrow stile model can be installed with an Adams Rite deadlatch or deadbolt.