So you know how to pick locks, and think you want to work as a locksmith technician?  There is more to being a locksmith technician in Seattle than lockpicking and rekeying.  Success in this industry is dependent on customer satisfaction.  Knowledge of how locks break and when to fix them or when to replace them is crucial.
If you think you have what it takes then send me a pdf or text file of your resume.  I don’t open Microsoft Word files, if you send one to me you are just waving so many appendages in the wind. If I interview you,

  • expect to pick some locks, and
  • demonstrate masterkeying locks on the fly
  • sight-reading keys
  • and troubleshooting why a few locks don’t work, along with
  • chiseling out a strike perfectly.

You’ll also have to submit to a background check.  Everybody makes mistakes but I won’t take chances on people working for me who have access to customers’ keys, I am looking for boy scouts without any criminal record who are agreeable and polite.

In your email I want to see your relevant work history (construction, woodworking, masonry, locksmithing, etc) along with why you want to work in this industry and for my company in particular.

You will have to have your own tools including everything necessary to unlock doors, install locks, rekey locks, and fix locks.  You will also need your own van (not a car).   I don’t have a uniform so you must be cleanly and professionally dressed.