Buy a Lock From Me

I am happy to sell you locks at a good price.  I sell all of my locks for at least 10% less than MSRP.  I only sell quality hardware so expect that my knobs and deadbolts will be at least $35 and up past $100 for really good locks.  A good way to figure out what type of lock you want is to use this helpful interactive guide made by Schlage.  This guide can help you decide the finish (color) and general style you are looking for.  You can then compare costs between manufacturers.  I can get any combination of styles and finishes you see on the Schlage interactive guide.   There are lots of products to examine in the catalogs following.

I am also a dealer of the CX-5 higher security UL-437 rated cylinder which is compatible with Schlage, Uscan, Baldwin and Emtek products among others.

I guarantee my workmanship but I also guarantee my hardware.  If you buy it from me it may not be the cheapest but I absolutely guarantee that it will last for at least 1 year and most products I sell have a 10 year hardware guarantee through the manufacturer.  When a lock is properly installed it will last much longer than one that is not and it will last for a long time.  If somebody starts smashing your doorknob with a sledgehammer the knob will probably break after some time.  It will take longer than a cheap import knob from the hardware store, but it will still fail.  My hardware won’t break under regular usage and it may not keep a criminal out for good, but it will probably slow them down. Ask for advice on what hardware you need for your application. I may tell you that hardware won’t help until you buy a new door, or I may tell you that your current hardware is already adequate!