Locks for Sale

I sell many different kinds of locks, from Arrow to Emtek to Schlage. I also have a lot of different locks in stock and ready to go. You can also buy high security cylinders from me to install in your own locks. Here are some of them.

I stock several different finishes for commercial and residential locks. 630 is stainless steel and can be more resistant to corrosion. It is the preferred finish in saltwater environments. Lifetime Brass is a PVD finish, it is laquered so the lock will last longer without looking like a Schlage satin nickel finish lock after a few years in the sun.

This is the Schlage satin nickel finish. These are two parts of the same lock, they used to be the same color. The outside changed color because of weathering. The finish peeled off due to the effects of the sun, rain, wind etc. Satin nickel is the most susceptible to this effect, though antique brass also looks terrible after a few years. Some would say it looks terrible out of the box.