Unlock/Rekey a Mailbox

I can open your mailbox and replace the lock.

Total cost tax already included is:

  • $120 Service call to North Seattle, more outside North Seattle
  • $30 for parts and labor per mailbox unless it’s a big black security mailbox.
  • 50% extra on the weekend and after 6 pm.

It is not cost effective to rekey a mailbox lock if you lost the key to a normal one or never got a key in the first place.  A mailbox lock typically costs less than $15. I will attempt to replace the lock without drilling so there aren’t metal shards everywhere.  I have very reasonable pricing, but if my costs are too high, fret not.   You can replace them yourself!

I accept no responsibility for what you do with the following:

Some locksmiths will charge you in excess of $180.00 for this simple job, but if you are a capable person with a DIY mindset, replacing a mailbox lock is an easy task.  Lots of locksmiths won’t even bother with it.  All you have to do is drill through the keyway of the mailbox lock with a drill bit meant for metal.  If you drill far enough, you will drill through the cam of the mailbox lock and it will fall off, allowing you to open the mailbox and take off the old mailbox lock which is held in place by a metal clip.  If you have a bit of savoir faire, you will use a 1/8″ bit and a screwdriver.  If you just want it open, you will use a 3/8″ bit.  See this article.

An alternative is to stalk the mailman and show him/her your license and proof of mailing address, then change the mailbox lock while he/she has your mailbox open if it is a community mailbox where the mailman has a key that opens all of the mailboxes as a panel.

Take that to the hardware store and pay about $12 for a new one.  Make sure the new one has the same cam (extension that clasps mailbox door shut) as the one you took off!  If you can’t get past one of these steps, give me a call.
Here is a video on how to replace a mailbox lock:

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