Fix a Lock/Key Extraction

Is your lock malfunctioning or turning roughly?  Not turning at all?  Is there a key broken off inside your lock?  There is a key stuck inside the lock?  Is your lock turning but the door nevertheless will not open?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, I am able to repair your lock or replace the broken component.

Some locksmiths will propose that you replace your lock and latch even if only the latch is broken because they can make more money, but I find that solution inelegant.  If I can repair your lock, I will, even if it takes me fifteen minutes longer.  No sense in filling up landfills faster than necessary!  Sometimes, all that is wrong is a broken retainer clip or other five cent part.  If you can’t take your key out of your lock, it may only be an issue of a cylinder cap or clip being loose.  If you think you can fix it yourself, give me a call and tell me about it and maybe I can help you over the phone.

As for key extractions, don’t put it off because if you have a broken key in your lock it means somebody might be able to open the lock when you aren’t around, or pull it out and copy it at a hardware store.  It also means that you can’t use that lock and if it is a deadbolt, that is important for your home security.  Call me ASAP!
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If you want to try getting a broken key out of your lock, try following this guy’s instructions with a hacksaw blade. Alternatively, you can take the lock off the door and stick something in the back of the lock through the keyway to push the broken key out from the back.  Call me and I will guide you through it if I’m not busy.

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