Get a Quote

If you need a quote you can call me at 206-335-4559, or you can email me, or you can use the handy submission form below.  Update: form doesn’t work, just email me.

If you want an accurate quote try to include the following information:

Rekeying: how many keyholes to rekey? How many keys do you want? Do you have working keys for all locks? Does one key work in all of your locks? What neighborhood is this in or do you intend to bring the locks to me? Do you need any of these locks master keyed and if so do you have access to or can you give me access to the master key or a printout of the master key system bittings?

Installing locks: What kind of lock? Deadbolt, lever, mortise lock, padlock, etc. What keyway? Keyed to a key you already have? New key? How many keys? Restricted keyway?

Pictures of current locks or the locks that are broken or the locks that you want rekeyed can help so I don’t have to make an extra trip out and saves you a service call of $75.00.