Locks for the Poor/Disadvantaged

Maple Leaf Locksmith is proud to be the orchestrator of a program to give people without the wherewithall to provide security for themselves this important foundation, for free.  A functional lock on the door gives people a sense of security as well as real security.  Besides keeping people’s possessions safe, a lock also gives people a restful night’s sleep and also protects people from possible domestic abuse in cases of estranged couples.

Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC will accept old locksets for installation on the doors of those in need.  When our company upgrades your locks, you will be asked if you would like to give your old locks to those in need.  Of course, new locksets will also be accepted for this purpose.  Your donated locks will not be sold under any circumstance.  When I receive them I write “Charity” on their container and store them separately.

Setting up a charity or non-profit is far too daunting, so this is informal and on a “scout’s honor” basis (I am an Eagle Scout).   Your working used locks will be rekeyed during slow times and in the course of the work day; if somebody mentions they are having hard times in North Seattle, your old lock will be put to good use.  I cannot offer tax write-offs or anything of that nature due to the difficulty of setting up a non-profit charity on top of running my own small business.  However, I can guarantee that all donated locks will be used 100% for the express purpose of providing security for the poor/needy and disadvantaged and will not be resold.  As some incentive, if you donate more than $50 worth of locks I will put your name on this page and maybe in the future I will get some t-shirts screenprinted since that seems to be all the rage in non-profit circles.

People in need of working locks but without the ability to pay are also welcome to request help here.  Simply call or email and we can work something out.  I can also service your lock to prevent voiding, broken latches, etc.  I can also install a deadlatch so that the bolt is hidden from the outside.

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