Open a Damaged Safe

  • $120 local trip charge
  • $200 safe opening minimum (unless the safe can be easily opened with a key override which is cheaper)
  • $50-100 to repair a drill hole
  • Cost to repair a broken safe lock or broken safe depends wildly on the safe and what kind of lock it uses. It is sometimes cheaper to open a safe if you intend to dispose of it afterwards.

Was your business broken into and an attempt made to open your safe? Perhaps you attempted to open your own safe? Maybe there was a fire and you want to retrieve whatever remains in your safe? I can help in all of these situations. I have experience unlocking safes that have been tampered with. Many safes have devices called relockers that are meant to secure the safe in the event that somebody tries to do something stupid like punching the lock off the door or something. The manufacturers already thought of that, at least if the safe is of reasonably high quality.

Opening damaged safes is usually more difficult than opening ones without damage because the boltwork will probably be bent or broken or because of the previously mentioned relockers. There are many reasons to pay for them to be opened though. They take up a lot of space and to remove them you usually have to open the door to expose the bolts holding them to the floor. If there is more value inside the safe than $400 then it is probably worth it to open the safe. Even if there is damage to the stuff inside, proving it is damaged may be required for insurance payments. Thinking of gun safes even if there are guns inside damaged by fire there still may be salvageable parts that are rare and worth plenty.