CX5 Locks and Cylinders (High Security)

I stock CX5 deadbolts.

I stock CX5 locks and cylinders, a good choice if you need a high security restricted keyway. If you need a high quality deadbolt for less money or want to upgrade the cylinder in your Schlage deadbolt for a low price this is a great option. CX5 cylinders come in many different options. You can even retrofit Emtek locks with a CX5 cylinder. CX5 lock cylinders are available in UL437-rated versions for a little more money. They are equipped with sidebars and steel pins, making them very difficult to drill open. They use a patent-protected keyway so you won’t have to worry about unauthorized key duplication. These locks are versatile at a low price point making them ideal for rentals or office spaces. These locks can be masterkeyed for less money than a Medeco or Mul-T-Lock system.

CX5 cylinder cutaway showing sidebar

CX5 cylinders can be used in the following applications. For UL437 rating please add $20 to each cost. Keys are not included. These prices are for stainless steel finish, other finishes cost more.

  • Schlage deadbolts – $65
  • Emtek deadbolts – $75
  • Commercial grade levers – $65
  • Commercial grade knobs – $65
  • Mortise locks (including storefront aluminum and glass doors) – $80
  • Rim locks (commercial panicbar) – $80
  • SFIC locks – $80
  • Padlocks with interchangeable core capability – $80
  • Keys aren’t included. They are $12 each

I also sell CX5 deadbolts which are roughly equivalent to a Schlage b660 deadbolt with a Primus cylinder. Cost of keys is not included. Cost of installation is not included. They cost:

  • Single cylinder: $220
  • Double cylinder: $260

CX5 is a very secure lock. See this website discussing the vulnerabilities. Note that picking this lock would be possible only for the best lockpickers in the world and bumping/impressioning would only work if the correct blank with the correct sidebar milling was available to the attacker. CX5 is a legally protected keyway and the keyway I use is regionally restricted.

CX5 cylinders are versatile. They can be put into Schlage, Weiser, General, Arrow, UScan, Emtek products and more, like this old Assa mortise lock.