Interior Door Lockout

So, you are locked out of your bedroom, bathroom, or your interior garage door?  I can open these doors for you for $120 and up.  Or you could possibly open them yourself for free.  It is really easy to open most bathroom or bedroom doors that lock with a button.  Before you call me, one of my esteemed colleagues, or a huckster, try opening the door by inserting something long and thin into the hole you may find in the doorknob.  A nail, a little stick, a small flathead screwdriver or a headphone jack may work. This only works on privacy function handlesets.

If they don’t work, you can also try opening the door with a thin card.  I like to use gift cards or library cards because credit cards are often too thick and inflexible  for the job.  Your driver’s license will also work well (but use an expired one).  Just push the card between the door frame and the door next to the door knob.  Once you feel resistance, the card is probably against the latch.  Try pushing harder, while rocking the card up and down.  Search youtube for “loiding a lock” if you want more information.

This technique is why it is important to use your deadbolt when you leave.  When people are locked out I prefer the sport of picking the lock, but I also test to see if the lock can be opened with a card to show the customer if they have a security issue.  If you are concerned about the ease with which somebody can open your front door with just a library card, you can hire me to install a latch guard, adjust your lock, or just read about it here.  You can change where the strike is located on the frame to make it much harder to ‘loid a lock for many locks.

This is a video I made to illustrate how to unlock doors with cards. Only do this for locks you own. If it works, I can make it so that it doesn’t work.

If you still can’t open it, I will be more than happy to come open it for you, and show you how to open it yourself for the next time (there is usually a next time, unfortunately).