Open or Unlock a Safe

  • $120 local trip charge
  • $200 safe opening minimum (unless the safe can be easily opened with a key override which is cheaper)
  • $50-100 to repair a drill hole
  • Cost to repair a broken safe lock or broken safe depends wildly on the safe and what kind of lock it uses. It is sometimes cheaper to open a safe if you intend to dispose of it afterwards.

I can open safes, sometimes with no damage to the safe at all and often with minimal damage that can be repaired to make the safe functionally as secure as it was before it malfunctioned/the combination was lost/the key was lost/etc.  When I do drill I will drill through pre-existing holes, or I will drill behind the safe dial so that it is not obvious.  I will then repair the hole by filling it with a ball bearing or taper pin and difficult to drill material that hardens up and will probably be more difficult to drill than it would be to drill a new hole. Before calling see if the combination is written somewhere on the safe or if the safe is already unlocked.

For fastest response I need to know exactly what kind of safe you have. This is best communicated by sending pictures of the dial or keypad along with a picture of the entire front of the safe and then a picture of the model number tag which is oftentimes located in one of the four corners of the safe. 

Disclaimer: Maple Leaf Locksmith doesn’t take responsibility for what you do with the following information or really what you do any of the time. My recommendation is to hire me to open your safe but you do you.

Many people contact me wishing to have fire safes opened. If money is more important than time then you should know it is possible to open inexpensive fire safes with a sawzall or a circular saw. It would be impolite not to warn you to take precautions in this endeavor because much blood has been lost in unprofessional safe openings and old safes may have hazardous materials in their construction like asbestos. On the other hand if you have access to power tools but don’t have money this may be the answer for you.

Take into consideration the cost to dispose of the safe before you ruin it. Also consider the mess it might make. Modern fire safes are stuffed with wet gypsum along with other materials and they make a filthy mess when you saw them open. Old fire safes used to have asbestos which along with making a huge mess is also cancer causing. Take it from me, I have disposed of fire safes after opening them in different ways for the sake of learning and they fill up a garbage can quickly even if you spend a lot of time sawing them into flat pieces.

If you do have the time and think you are adequately prepared then go get a sawzall and some metal blades from home depot, maybe you can rent one for $30. Blades are a few dollars each. Consider getting safety glasses and gloves. Maybe get a few condoms and put those on while you are at it, just in case.

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