Alarm Lock DL2700, DL2800, DL3000, DL1200, DL3200, PL3000

The DL2700, DL2800, DL3000 etc are similar in many ways. The main difference is the DL2700 is less expensive but the others are wweatherproof and have an audit trail along with more user codes. The DL1200 is for aluminum and glass storefront doors. The PL3000 doesn’t have a keypad and is prox only to improve resistance to vandalism. The PDL3000 has both pin and prox entry and can be set up for two factor authentication (have to enter pin code and have prox credentials). Click on the model numbers in the preceding sentence to see all of the differences.

  • All are battery-powered with 5 2AA batteries. The batteries last over 1 year under normal conditions
  • They are both ANSI grade 1
  • They are all available in weatherproof versions
  • They all have a “vandalproof” all metal keypad
  • All have a key override for your building’s masterkey system. They can accept either a standard cylinder or an interchangeable core

Which one you need for your property depends on whether you want to use prox cards or issue pin numbers. Prox compatibility is more expensive. Prox also means if somebody pours glue on your lock or hammers the number pad it will probably still work.

Costs of Installation (tax already included)

  • $80 Service call to North Seattle
  • $731 for a DL1200*
  • $1080 for a DL2800* (add $100 for a weatherproof version)
  • $720 for a DL2700* (add $100 for a weatherproof version)
  • $1300 for a DL3000*
  • $1840 for a PDL3000* (Pin and Prox)
  • $1750 for a PL3000* with improved vandalism resistance (Prox only, no keypad)
  • $75 to drill new holes and install in a wooden door
  • $85 to drill new holes and install in a metal or metal-clad door
  • $85/hour to program and teach you how to use your lock.
  • $45 extra on the weekend and after 6 pm.

*These costs are for a stainless steel lock with regular cylinder. Different finishes such as duronodic (dark brown color) or brass are more expensive. Interchangeable core compatibility is a special order and more expensive also.

If the lock will be used outside, get the weatherproof version. It makes me sad when people don’t spec the right lock or they cheap out $100, and their $3000 lock gets rusty and shorts out. I went out to a couple’s house who had a doublesided dl2700 lock on their gate whose purpose was to keep vagrants out but it wasn’t the weatherproofed version, and the guts of the lock had completely rusted out. The gate was only four feet tall so I am not sure what vagrants it was actually keeping out anyway, but the point is this lock would still be functioning if it was the weatherproof model.

Alarm Lock PDL3500
This lock accepts fobs or HID cards. No typing in codes, just swipe your card. Still works if somebody pours superglue on the keypad.
Alarm Lock exit device, pin only with key override.