Rekey SFIC Cylinders

I am able to key up SFIC cylinders to pre-existing master key systems or design an entirely new system for your building.  I will supply you with a control key, documentation of your master key system, and all of the change keys stamped and cut on a keyway of your choice.  I can provide you with high security CX5 interchangeable cores too.

What this means for you is:

  1. No vendor lock in.  You can have your keys duplicated by any other locksmith unless you want cylinders with the CX5 restricted keyway.
  2. You can remove cores yourself and install new ones, meaning the cost to rekey a lock for you is nothing.  You just walk up, take the core out with your control key and put a different core back in!  30 seconds per lock is all it takes.
  3. You can have me or any other locksmith that deals with SFIC key up a large quantity of SFIC cylinders at once and then switch them out at your convenience.  You can bring the cylinders to me or any other locksmith and not pay for a service call.

Other advantages of SFIC: it is much more difficult to reverse engineer a master key from an SFIC cylinder, because you can’t actually take an SFIC cylinder apart without either a grinder, sawzall, or a control key.  This is in contrast to a regular lock including LFIC which can be reverse engineered easily without a key or any skill in lockpicking in most cases.  The pins simply need to be taken out and measured and a key cut.  An SFIC lock will not be opened easily without a special key that is different from either a master key or a change key that would be given to a tenant.

So if you are a property owner tired of spending big money on having locksmiths come out to rekey all your locks every time a tenant moves out or a common area key is lost, give me a call and I will give you the lowdown on costs for installing SFIC hardware.  If you have a lot of turnover, the investment will pay for itself in only a few years.