Unlock a Car, Truck, or Other Vehicle

Whether it is a Civic, old Dodge pickup or an RV, if it has locks this mobile locksmith can unlock a car (or house)  in less than a few minutes with no damage to your vehicle. This includes locking gas caps and canopies.  Following is the cost for opening a locked vehicle in the North Seattle area:

  • Any vehicle, service call and tax included in price: $100
  • except during Rush Hour (7:30-9am or 4:30-7pm): $120
  • or between 10pm-1am: $150
  • or on the weekend, add 50% to above prices

Check your pockets for your keys before you call me, not fifteen minutes after you call. Think of the environment! Those of you in Edmonds will be interested to know that the local police force there will open your car for free, if it isn’t hard to do.  Seattle police will unlock your car in an emergency, but probably by smashing the window.  If you are willing to wait and shop around you may be able to find a tow truck to open your car for $5 less than my price.  Also remember that if you have the time to wait for an hour or two, AAA will send out an auto locksmith.  AAA is a great deal in this situation because you can sign up for $80 or so and get the car unlocked for free as a member.  They let you sign up as a member over the phone right when you have an emergency.

If you are entertaining the idea of breaking into your own car, following are some tips that you may use to open your car yourself but I don’t take responsibility for anything that happens if you follow these tips:

  • Don’t scratch your paint.  Before you start rooting around with a hanger or a chisel or shovel or something (I have seen people use all of these) tape a towel or sweatshirt over the fulcrum that you plan to pry against.
  • Ideally you would have proper tools like an air wedge, but you may be able to open your car without scratching it or bending the doorframe with a hanger and a towel.  The aspiring car locksmith should also try pushing a window down manually.  You only need 1/8″ of an inch.
  • If you have an older car or you have a van or work truck, you may be able to open it with a slimjim.  They don’t work on most consumer vehicles anymore, and you can damage the internal mechanisms (like accidentally pulling the linkage out of the lock mechanism, for example) but there are videos on youtube for opening your car if you are desperate or have an inquiring mind.
  • Have your license and/or proof of ownership ready because the police/mall security/authorities frown upon this sort of activity for obvious reasons, and (hopefully) somebody will ask you what you are doing.

Finally, here is a video of how to unlock car with a shoelace: