Cut a Padlock/Bike Lock

I can open a bike lock or padlock, or “masterlock”, for $125-140 total during the day.  Depending on the type of lock, I may even be able to do it without damaging the lock (though this is of limited use if you have lost the key).  I have the ability to pick tubular locks as well as regular ones so unless your lock has a sidebar or something complicated I may be able to pick your lock so that you can use the lock if you still have the key but lost a copy.

Update: most bike locks are now using a disc detainer type lock which can be picked or manipulated. I am practicing. This still won’t help you if you don’t have the key. These locks seem to have a high failure rate. If yours isn’t opening, call the manufacturer and they will probably offer to pay for my services.

I do not accept any responsibility for what happens if you do any of the following:

If you would like to save money, have extra time and think you can do this yourself, one can get a hacksaw, angle grinder or boltcutters for a reasonable price at some place like harbor freight. Though I wouldn’t advise it, you could use a dremel tool to cut through a bicycle lock. You could also just hit a cheap masterlock with a hammer or pry it off with a suitably thick and long screwdriver or other implement suitable for prying.  Thieves like to use a carjack to get u-locks off, and to get a chain or cable lock off they will twist the bike over and over until the cable snaps.  This is why it is good to use a good lock, but also park in a public area where these shenanigans will not go unnoticed.  You can also do these things but hopefully you have proof of ownership for the bicycle in case the police come.