Masterkey Your Building

Master keying is a keying system in which more than one key can operate a lock or group of locks. Master keying is commonly used to restrict or allow access to a group of locks in a facility based on a user’s access level. Various types of master keying exist depending on the type of lock and the number of access levels required.


I will masterkey your conventional locks for the following, total cost tax already included:

  • $120 Service call to North Seattle
  • $30 per deadbolt master key in working condition with a working key
  • $30 per doorknob/lever master key in working condition with a working key
  • $35-40 per lock without a working key
  • $5 per key.  I will give you two keys and a masterkey included for free.
  • 50% extra on the weekend and after 6 pm.

I will masterkey your building near Seattle for a competitive rate. If you are value-minded and want to install them yourself, I will even develop a masterkey system for you to install yourself. I will sell you a box with cylinders and keys that are marked along with a sheet of paper containing bitting for all of the cylinders and keys. I am able to supply you with a large number of keyways including restricted ones. I can help you with setting up interchangeable cores so that you can change the locks at a moments’ notice if desired, so that you don’t have to rely on a locksmith or anybody else to secure a door. I can furnish you with either SFIC or LFIC cores for this purpose in either restricted keyway or common keyway.
I can also come to your building near Seattle and masterkey it, overnight if desired. Email me for quotes and to discuss the specifics of your needs, which might include:

  • Masterkeying your house to give contractors access when desired but deny access at all other times
  • Masterkeying your business to limit employees to only certain rooms that they belong in.
  • Masterkeying your business with interchangeable cores to allow for instant rekeying of your building, and rekeying the replacement cylinders you just removed yourself at your convenience.  This requires having spare cylinders in a locked desk drawer.
  • Masterkey your apartment complex so that you have one key that opens every single room in the entire building, but residents can only open their rooms and the front door and the laundry room
  • There are many more variations that can be tailored to your specific needs and price range

For building managers who desire more key control options, I am a dealer of the CX5 higher security lock and the MX keyway, a restricted keyway.  If I install a CX5 or MX lock on your front door, you can be assured that the only people who even have a key that will fit in your front door are those who got one from you.  Even other locksmiths in the area don’t have key blanks for my CX5 cylinders.  I won’t sell this key blank to anybody, and consequently nobody will have access to your door.  If somebody loses the key, you will know immediately because they won’t be able to open the front door without it and they can’t copy their neighbor’s key.  There are other ways to restrict keys like Medeco and Schlage Primus but CX5 and MX are far more affordable and get the job done.  Contact me for pricing options.

Many locksmiths will remove all of the locks from all of the doors in an apartment or office building and rekey them all elsewhere.   While the locks are off the door, you don’t know who might be going from room to room and it is a security vulnerability.  I am willing to rekey each lock at its location, effectively keeping people from entering the door when the locks are off of it, for only a nominal fee.