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Whether Or Not to Change Your Locks

When you move into a new house, you may consider rekeying it.  If you want to have it rekeyed, call me.  If you don’t, please consider the following reasons why you should have it rekeyed:

1.  You don’t think your house needs to be rekeyed because the house was just built/is new.  This boils down to whether or not you trust each and every contractor that had access to the keys to your house.  Remember, the contractors need to come and go as they please to get the house built properly.  They have plenty of time to copy the keys.  If even one of the many contractors helping to build your house decides that they want keys to a new house which some affluent person is going to buy and fill full of expensive stuff that he wants, you are going to want his key not to work!

2.  When you bought the house, the realtor assured you that the old owner had no keys.  This assumes that the old owner isn’t lying, didn’t lend multiple keys out to friends, relatives, workers, hide keys around the house under rocks or in brick walls or behind lights, etc.  When I move into some place, I want absolute assurance that I and my most trusted family and friends am the only ones with the keys.  Promises won’t cut it.  I have too much on the line for a promise.  I can rekey my place for free.  You can pay me to rekey your place for what I argue is a paltry sum, compared to the amount of money you have invested in all of your belongings and your family’s safety.

What this argument boils down to is, unless you bought your house from somebody who you absolutely trust (and you trust everybody that they may have given a key to), you really can’t afford not to rekey your space.  Security is the basis upon which our lives are built.  You have to be assured that you can come home to a safe place that nobody else has broken into.  When somebody does break into your place, you will feel violated and unsafe.  You can’t repair that damage easily, and with no sum of money.

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