Install or Replace a Door Closer

Door closers are an important part of your building’s security. You can’t trust people to close the door after themselves; we’ve all been in a restaurant that didn’t have a door closer on the front door and suffered as people kept unwittingly leaving the door open on a cold and windy night as they came or left. People often seem to be wrapped up in their own thoughts and are generally inconsiderate towards their neighbors’ comfort and security. You can’t make them shut the door. You have to do it for them.

This is a medium duty door closer I installed for an office.
This is a medium duty door closer I installed for an office.

If you want to make your building more secure it is a good idea to automate closing the door; if the door isn’t closed, the lock on the door can’t do its job. If you have a door closer installed it doesn’t matter how distracted your resident is, the door will close behind him or her and if the strike plate is installed correctly, your lock’s deadlatch will ensure that only somebody with the proper key can get in.

Door closers vary in a few different ways. Concealed door closers hide within the door frame. Surface mounted door closers are mounted either on the door or on the doorframe above the door. Door closers usually cost somewhere between $125-500 depending on how heavy the door is. Really complicated door closers that have the ability to automatically open for the disabled with buttons are very expensive and require hiring a door company with an electrician.

If you would like your door to close automatically, the cost for me to come out and install a door closer is calculated using the following:

  • $80 Service call to North Seattle
  • $125-500 for a door closer depending on your door and door frame.
  • $50 labor to install a door closer on either a wood or metal door
  • $40 extra on the weekend and after 6 pm.

Your door closer may need replacement if the door is slamming shut or there is a dark brown/black fluid leaking out of it. When either of these conditions occur it is likely because a seal has failed inside the door closer and all of the pneumatic fluid is leaking out. This is where the quality of your door closer becomes apparent. Some door closers are not built with all weather fluid and aren’t appropriate for outdoor installation. Some door closers are not built with a lot of care at all and will only last a few years before failure. A good door closer is rated for ten years of service. They used to be manufactured with servicing by the end user in mind but like everything else they are designed to be thrown away after use nowadays. Quality old door closers may last for many decades more and one could replace the springs and oil and seals! Most of the people who know how are either retired or dead.

Closers can be had in either an aluminum color or a dark brown duronodic color usually and I stock these, though other finishes can be obtained if one can wait a few weeks.