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Replace the Cylinder in Your Lock!

Most deadbolts allow you to swap out the cylinder so you don’t have to buy a new lock to change the keyway.  Did I lose you there?  Ok, imagine you want all of your locks to work with one key but some of the locks work with a different kind of key.  Any quality deadbolt will give you the ability to swap out the cylinder.

You can buy just about any kind of cylinder from me for less than $35, and I will rekey it for $20.  If you want a special cylinder with a restricted keyway that only a locksmith can provide keys for, I can also provide those to you for a tad more money.  These cylinders are great because bump keys are far more difficult to procure and use on them.  If you want a cylinder with a side bar, I can provide you with these as well.  This makes lockpicking far more difficult and bumpkeying almost impossible.  It also makes drilling far more involved, requiring twice the number of holes.

Additionally, a restricted keyway gives you the satisfaction of knowing that people will have a very difficult time copying your keys.  They will have to go to a locksmith and that locksmith is required to ask for proof that you have permission to copy the key, or own the key.

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