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When It’s Snowing, Don’t Lock Yourself Out!

Snow seems to throw people for a loop because it interrupts their well-practiced routines.  When it gets really cold and starts snowing and icing, people do silly things that result in getting locked out of their houses and more often their cars.  They turn the car on to get warm while they scrape the snow and ice off the windshield and, thanks to some anti-theft automobile features (car manufacturers mean well!), the car locks itself after a few minutes and your windshield is all clear, but you are left helpless looking in, standing there holding the ice scraper.

Make sure to leave your door open while you have your car running, or leave your window down.  Before you open your door, hit the snow off the top of the car and the edge of the windshield because lots of snow will fall on the seat if you don’t, and your car is like mine.  Of course, leaving the window or door open is counter productive if you are trying to warm your car up, so the other option open to you is to go to your locksmith (or even hardware store) and get a copy of your car key on a metal head blank.  This should only cost you $3 or $4, and though you can’t use it to start your car you can use it to open your door.  Have this key hidden somewhere underneath your car or in a turn signal compartment or in your coat, and you can’t lock yourself out.

This reasoning applies to buildings, too.  Just because it is snowy outside people get crazy ideas in their heads and take the trash out while rashly leaving the door locked and the keys inside.  I can’t tell you how many times I have driven up to some guy standing in the snow in a bathrobe looking sheepish because the door swung shut behind him.

So beware of yourself.  Stay calm.  Just because it is snowing, don’t lose your head and don’t let your keys leave your person.  Also make sure you shut off your water pipes outside and your heat is up higher than freezing inside!

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