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Schlage Keyless Entry Without a Subscription

A lot of people are asking me about how they can get a lock they can remotely change the combination to.  A lot of them want to be running AirBNB or rentals.  I have answers for you!

My favorite lock for an AirBNB situation is the Schlage be469nx.  Schlage wants you to pay them $9 for their monthly service through Nexia but that isn’t necessary.  Zwave is an open protocol and you can connect a Schlage BE469nx to your router through SmartThings, Vera, Wink, and Lowe’s Iris to name a few.  If you are tech-oriented or have someone in family who is, you could have a networked deadbolt set up for extremely low cost. 

Once your deadbolt is connected through wifi, as long as the wifi router is powered you can change login combinations remotely.  That means you can lock people out, add new combinations, etc.  If you install a Dropcam in conjunction with a lock that is controllable with wifi you can remotely let people in safely.  This is a huge savings over what similar hardware that did the same thing would have cost just a few years ago.  One can literally monitor who is coming and going for less than 10% of the cost of a few years ago.  The Amazon cost for one of these locks is now less than $200.  A Dropcam is only $200.  If you set it all up using zwave and a free monitoring program you can remotely monitor a property for $400 cash.  That is extraordinary.

If you want to change credentials remotely on the cheap, there is no better solution than the Schlage BE469nx.  Of course there are better locks available for commercial solutions, namely from Alarm Lock, but if only a few people are accessing your property per day then the Schlage offering is fine.

I install these locks for less than $100 (plus cost of lock) in the North Seattle area.  You can have your property up and running in less than a day if you call me.  I have installed numerous be469nx locks as well as other locks that are wireless flawlessly.  Important steps in the process are making sure that the bolt goes into the door frame/strike smoothly.  If you hire a cowboy to do it and the bolt doesn’t go in smoothly your battery will die prematurely or even worse your lock’s servo may burn out and then you have to RMA your lock.  What are you going to put on your door while the lock is being RMA’d?

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