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New developments in locks and technology

There has been proof of concept attacks to take control of vehicles by getting access to the can bus but this is an interesting sign that the criminal underworld has begun distributing a tool for stealing cars in a way that bypasses the ECU and immobilizer by directly accessing the car’s local network, as it were. Essentially car thieves buy an object that looks like a jbl bluetooth stereo and bust your headlight off and attach the fake bluetooth speaker to the wires going to the headlight. There’s a chip in the device that automatically unlocks the door and starts the car.

More security news: As I mentioned in other posts lockpicking is becoming an actual problem in Seattle. Either the criminals got smarter or they got more desperate. Lockpicks are being recovered at crime scenes and today I came to a house whose owner sweared he had locked his schlage deadbolt before leaving but found his house had been rifled through after returning from his vacation. Normally I assume that people just forgot to lock their doors in this situation but I rekeyed the locks to make the guy feel safe and noticed when I took the deadbolt cylinder apart, there were scratches on the tailpiece. This is a telltale sign of lockpicking since afactory sc1 key won’t touch the tailpiece of an sc1 original cylinder, much less make a straight scratch mark. As a result I can drop the preamble to my sales pitch for high security locks: they are not snake oil in seattle for average homeowners.

Another development is that Napco’s Alarm Lock is no longer offering ANY locks for thick doors. This is going to be a major issue for people who installed a dl2800 on a two and a half inch door a year ago and have a warranty issue. I’m kind of in this boat right now. If you have a thick door chassis for an alarm lock dl2800 call this guy.

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