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Wenxing 233a Manual – “semi-automatic key duplicator”

I just bought this great key copier from a guy in Port Angeles who is getting out of the business.  I don’t know what he paid for it, but it looks like it must have been about $1000 after shipping.  He sold it to me for considerably less because he lost a retainer screw for the key stop that guides you where to put the key for copying.  It is the same retainer screw used in kwikset levers so I had a spare put in right fast.  A few small adjustments and I am in business.  The very first copy worked in my door.  I got curious about all of the various dials, though I think most of them are self-explanatory.  I wanted to make sure I understood this thing before I did something that would harm it so I emailed lockpicks.com and asked for the manual which they emailed to me.  Now I am in turn posting it so that anybody else with one of these doesn’t have to go to all the fake manual sites that are actually adwords spam farms like I did.

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