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The Gift-Giving season is upon us, are your packages secure?

This time of year I deal with a lot of heartbreak due to package theft. Many do their seasonal gift shopping online nowadays and all of their loot gets shipped to their doorstep or maybe the lobby of their building. In both cases packages will be targeted by thieves.

To prevent your loot being intercepted I recommend shipping packages to your workplace. Otherwise, one can rent a mailbox where packages can be kept securely.

Still, you are legally required to have some mail sent to your house and for those very important letters you will want a secure mailbox. 

For those in a multi-unit building such as condos or apartments it is prudent to have a designated mail room that is secured. Mail rooms are one of the top targets of criminals in these buildings along with bicycle rooms, laundry rooms with coin-op hardware, storage areas, and surveillance equipment areas.

To keep these people out of your mailroom consider getting an astragal and or a gatelatch.

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