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Key Control: Practical Ideas for Your Property

If you own or manage a property that you must let people use, you are probably familiar with the idea of key control.  You must give people keys that they can use but perhaps that they hopefully cannot duplicate.  Ideally perhaps these people can only go into the property at certain times.
Some people in your situation as a property manager think it is suitable to simply have the locksmith who copies their keys stamp “Do Not Duplicate” on the head of the key for free, so as to save $.75 per key.  I assure you, that is not sufficient.  All the key holder needs to do is cover the stamped portion of the key head with any of a myriad of different colorful key identifiers.  Then anybody will copy the key, or it can be copied in a key kiosk.
Similarly to the last problem, one can also distribute keys with neuter heads that say Do Not Duplicate in large letters.  Even if those letters are ground off, the shape of the head tips off our locksmith that the key is not meant to be copied.  This is a suitable key for low security situations.  It is only good enough for low security because if the head is broken off the key and the cut portion taken to any locksmith he will duplicate that key onto a regular key blank which can be copied anywhere.
The other problem with a key that says “Do Not Duplicate” somewhere on it is that the cuts of the key can be easily measured using common calipers and then the original code cuts can be determined in minutes.  Once this is done, any locksmith in the land will cut the key with the depths told to him over the phone.
The solution to controlling who has keys and preventing them from copying those keys is to use restricted keyways.  When one locksmith controls your keyway and is legally bound to audit those he sells the keys to, you have a much better guarantee of security.  The only way to copy a mechanical key with a restricted keyway is to spend a lot of time with a 3d copier or a milling machine and lots of time measuring.  The bar is set much higher for obtaining unauthorized access to the properties you manage.
Of course, if one person is the salesman of your restricted keyway that is unobtainable anywhere else, you may expect the cost of the key to be a great deal more than a regular key.  That is generally the case.  Many locksmiths charge $10-20 for a high security restricted key.  Of course, these keys also have higher costs for the locksmith who passes these costs on to you.
If you are interested in getting high security restricted keys I am a dealer of the CX-5 restricted keyway lock cylinders, and I can supply you with keys at the bargain basement price of $5 each.  That is a screaming deal for a restricted key to a high security cylinder with a sidebar.  If you do the math, it would probably cost less to replace the Medeco cylinders and keys in your building with my CX-5 cylinders and keys than it would be to rekey the Medeco cylinders and buy all new keys.  Each person you need to get a key for represents at least $7 savings in typical situations if you make the switch.   Bottom line is that you will save a lot of money if you go with Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC.