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Program Schlage deadbolts without the app

Schlage Connect and Sense came with programming instructions in a paper booklet but the newer Schlage Encode no longer includes this. Instead there is a thin glossy insert that implores you to install an app on your phone. Many of us are loathe to do this. There are many reasons not to, like hating smartphones and refusing to have one on general principle. The Venn diagram of people who hate cellphones but want an electronic deadbolt is very thin I am sure but you are here because you want to know how to program your lock without the app. Note that if you use manual programming procedures your work will all be deleted if you use the app later on. Here is how to program your lock manually:

  1. Get the programming code from the glossy insert in the box or off the lock itself. It’ll be in very small 6px print on a sticker.
  2. Follow the instructions on page 8 of this pdf, or look at some screen captures below.

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