Install Locks on Patio Doors

Armor Concepts' sliding door "Armor Latch".
Armor Concepts’ sliding door “Armor Latch”.

I can make your home much more secure by installing various kinds of locks on your patio doors and windows.  Sliding glass doors are usually the most vulnerable entry point to a home.  There are lots of ways to make your sliding glass door more secure however. To get an idea of what is possible you can browse this catalog of products that I endorse for their value and quality.  There are numerous reasons to consider having this done.  It is possible to do most of it yourself.  I would say an accurate measurement of competency for installing patio door locks is whether you are able to assemble furniture from IKEA yourself or not.  Anybody can install screw clamps on their windows, and I mean anybody.  If the idea of putting a bed frame from IKEA together made your internal temperature rise, you may want to consider the following:

Along with a service call of $80, I charge:

  • $25 for a spring-loaded bolt to secure a sliding door and
  • $45 for labor to install
  • $60 for sliding window locks with bolts (more if keyed) and
  • $30 for a sliding door security bar and
  • $45 to install
  • $29 for Armor Concepts armor latch

I don’t carry all of this patio hardware in stock, I have to order a lot of it in advance.  Email me with a picture of your particular situation and I will advise you of what needs to be done, cost for you to do it, cost for me to do it, and negotiations can proceed from there.

At the very least, all sliding glass doors should have:

  • glass film to prevent entry after shattering the glass
  • screws driven above the door into the track to prevent the door being lifted out of the track
  • Charlie Bar or equivalent installed, or if you are cheap a dowel that is exactly the correct length of the door track (though this can be circumvented with a piece of wire)