Get a one sided deadbolt

Here is a Schlage one sided deadbolt installed above a regular deadbolt.

If you want to lock your door nearly as securely as a deadbolt and don’t want people to be able to unlock it with a key, a one-sided deadbolt may be the answer. If you have a single sided deadbolt installed in the door, there is a thumbturn on one side of the door and nothing on the other side of the door.

I can put one of these above your other locks. These locks are much better than a hotel lock or chain and they are easier to use. To have one installed, here is what I charge, tax already included:

  • $80 for a weekday service call in addition to…
  • $50 to drill the holes for the lock in a wood door, $75 for metal door
  • $65-150 parts, depending on the finish and grade