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Make your locks pick/bump-resistant

I just bought a big packet of spool drivers which are useful for enhancing the security of locks.  Most locksmiths don’t want to deal with pcking these because picking them is hard , so they drill them, but I am loathe to drill a lock without necessity.  I bought a packet of spool drivers for practice and to put in my own locks.  I can put them in your locks just as easily.  Why not have your locks rekeyed and, for a very nominal fee, have one spool driver added?

The spool driver doesn’t make your lock pick or bumpkey-proof, but it will make it harder to use these techniques on your lock.  It will buy time, something that a potential intruder doesn’t usually have.  They want in your house fast so nobody sees them.  They don’t want to stand around picking your lock for 15 minutes while people drive by and the neighbor’s dog barks at them while being walked.  They don’t want to stand around hammering a bumpkey for ten minutes at 1 in the morning, because people will notice.  That is the difference this one little pin makes: where a lock would only take 1 minute to pick, a spool driver increases that time three to five-fold.

So have your lock serviced.  I will replace a few of the drivers in your lock with spool drivers, replace the springs, and change the bottom pins to pair with different keys all in one for nearly the cost of simply changing the bottom pins, or rekeying.  It will add years of life to your lock as well as add layers of security to it.

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