Schlage Cylinders and Locks

This is a Schlage Everest cylinder. Along with six pins, this lock has a finger pin that makes picking it very difficult. Keys are usually only found at locksmith shops.

Schlage Everest cylinders provide a substantial upgrade over conventional pin tumbler locks. They employ a fingerpin making it more difficult to pick these locks. Despite not being a truly restrictive keyway, you can’t copy Everest keys at the hardware store because the keys are only available through commercial channels.

Regular pin tumbler locks are obsolete. There is no reason that your property shouldn’t have Everest cylinders at a minimum. I can retrofit your existing Schlage locks to use Everest cylinders for $45 per lock or $70 for LFIC core.

I sell and install the following locks with a stainless steel finish for the following:

  • Passage knob: $35  When you have a deadbolt, you probably don’t need a locking knob. They don’t provide much security, just a good way to lock yourself out.
  • B60B60 deadbolt: $60  These are in many ways the best entry level deadbolt money can buy. They feature nickel silver security pins, hardened steel inserts to prevent drilling, and come in a five or  six pin configuration. They come in nearly any finish and style desired. They accept high security cylinders and come with numerous styles.
  • Schlage B660B600 deadbolt: $150  These are good deadbolts for installing high security cylinders in. They come in nearly any finish. They are Schlage’s high security deadbolt. Other finishes than chrome cost more.