Install a Peephole

Somebody knocks at the door, but how do you know if it is somebody that you want to open the door for?  If you can’t see them, you won’t know if you recognize them or if they look trustworthy.  Even if they do sound kind and innocent, who knows how many people are out there with that person?  You could open the door with your door chain engaged but let’s face it, if a 300 pound guy leaned against your door it would break those chains right off.  They are only attached with two short wood screws.

Enter the peephole.  The peephole allows you to see everybody standing outside your door within a 180 degree field of view if you have a good one with a wide angle lens.  You can also get a digital door viewer.  Technology commands a certain respect and you can bet that dirtbags will be less likely to knock on your door with bad intentions if they think that their face is being recorded for future viewing by law enforcement.

I install peepholes for the following costs:

  • Service call of $80 to North Seattle and a few miles around Green Lake.
  • Labor of $25 for installation of conventional peepholes
  • Cost of peepholes start at $7.50 and go up to $200 for digital door viewers
  • As always, tax is already included in price.