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Identity Theft and Your Mailbox

There are some crews around the Seattle area pillaging mailboxes and using the information gleaned from their bounty to steal your identity!  One thing you can do to prevent this is to get a locking mailbox.

Before you go out and buy a locking mailbox though, you have to know what kind of locking mailbox.  Sometimes the mailman won’t deliver your mail because the slot isn’t big enough!  Take notice of the size of your daily mail deliveries, because the thickness of these deliveries is the necessary dimensions your mailbox slot must have at a minimum.  Otherwise, the mailman will claim the slot isn’t large enough and you will have to go to the post office to get your mail that wouldn’t fit!

While on the subject of mailbox locks, I will change a mailbox lock or install one for $65 flat, no fees, service call already included, parts already included.  You can also see my mailbox lock page to view a video on how to change them yourself.

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