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How to Program/Reprogram Your Garage Door Opener

When I rekey a house people often ask me about how to change the garage door opener so that the old residents can’t continue using their remotes to open the garage door.  To do this with a modern garage door opener you are doing more than simply changing the frequency like in the old days.  It is now necessary to introduce your vehicle’s remote to your garage door opener, in a manner of speaking.  Your car probably has a built-in remote, and you probably only need to push a program button on the opener in the garage and then hit your car’s remote button.

I can change the garage door opener and clear all of the old codes and add new codes, but to be perfectly honest I will do this by checking the manufacturer’s website for instructional pdf’s and then check your auto’s user manual.  You would use the exact same steps to do this.  There is no reason to pay me or anybody else to do this because it usually isn’t hard.  With most modern garage door openers it isn’t as though you have to get out your soldering iron or deal with cumbersome dipswitches!

Following are some links to garage door opener manufacturer websites containing instructions for how to program the garage door opener yourself:

So, there you have it.  Enjoy saving $100 and the satisfaction of doing it yourself, unless you still can’t figure it out and then you can call me.


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