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How to Prevent Theft of Outdoor Objects

A lot of restaurant owners have recently complained to me about stolen outdoor propane heaters and tents. They are forced to buy these objects to keep their restaurants open and heartless thieves are stealing them. Some things like tents are difficult to lock down because the fabric can be cut but other objects like propane tanks and heaters can be locked down effectively.

To guard against these people you need something more than cheap steel chain from the hardware store. Boltcutters will cut through that. In fact, as of the writing of this article the Harbor Freight in Seattle has a limited stock of 42″ boltcutters. It would seem that some segment of the consumer market is exhibiting a high demand for boltcutters that can cut through steel chain of even 1/4″ size!

But wait! What if I told you that there are products against which these boltcutters wouldn’t work? A magical elixir with eleven secret herbs and spices that will make your hair grow again though it smells suspiciously like the invidious tang of…wait this was for my etsy page. There is no magical elixir, but there are products made of different alloys that are resistant to boltcutters and even angle grinders.

One of my favorite lock manufacturers makes a bunch of awesome security hardware including high security chain and anchors to bolt into concrete securely. As I myself have discovered chains need to be bolted down when protecting objects under 1000 pounds.

This combination is much more expensive than a masterlock and hardware store chain made of mild steel but also very much more effective at protecting your property. Let me know if you want help procuring any length of high security chain or shrouded shackle padlocks or chain anchors.

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