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How to Open a Cheap Safe Yourself

There are a lot of cheap safes for sale at big box stores like Walmart that are not very well made.  They can be had for as little as $50.  Sometimes people put items of value in them and then forget the combination or lose the key.  Sometimes, people inherit these safes and want to know what is inside.  The danger is that hiring a locksmith to open one will be more expensive than whatever is inside the safe is worth.

The answer to this conundrum is to open the safe yourself using the technique of “safe bouncing“.  By tilting one of these safes up on a hard surface and then letting it fall with slight pressure on the release mechanism, you can open one of these with no tools necessary.  If the safe is bolted down or doesn’t have an electronic lock this won’t work.  In the event you can’t get it open, it may be time to call me to crack the safe.

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