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Great Discussion on DIY security

I have always wondered about the feasibility of setting up my own security system using off the shelf parts.  Wireless security cameras are everywhere and they are cheap!  I have plenty of experience setting up hardware and software systems.  There are drawbacks to doing this, though.  Apparently insurance companies essentially enforce ADP’s market dominance by requiring a third party company to do your security system.  Some slashdot users have found ways to circumvent this requirement, however, and in the comments are the thoughts of many brilliant nerds on DIY security systems.  My favorite so far were

1. Blue Iris Security Software

2. A big caveat to using cheap cameras on your network

3. Slick Willy points out that you can get a better system than ADP will give you with their “free” system and it will be cheaper after a few years of not paying $50 a month.

4. Also the Elk M1 appears to be highly thought of amongst people who have taken the plunge and rolled their own security system.  They will supply you with all of the training manuals and stuff necessary to install.

In Washington State you have to be a licensed electrician to run electrical cables, so beware!

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