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Google Maps and feature regression

The new Google Maps isn’t as useful.  I am sure of it now because I recently got an old Droid, an HTC EVO, with the old Google Maps.  It was awesome because you could see little dots in the map view which corresponded to places where you had to perform an action such as turn left or right or continue straight.  You could click on any individual white dot and a little popup would tell you, “turn right on x street” or get off at exit 295 or something.

Contrast that with the new version of Google Maps that the HTC EVO helpfully updated itself to:

Now, when you want to see directions, you have to pull up a list of directions.  This takes your eyes off the map.  The only option that combines turning directions and a map is the realtime Google Navigator or navigation, which is a battery hog and downloads lots of data.  I work mobile, and I depend on Google Maps.  Perhaps a little too much.  I also depend on a second tier mobile provider that is really inexpensive but also good, but this is contingent on me staying below 1 GB per month.

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