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Lose your padlock key? Never again!

Get with the times, buy a padlock that will last for sixty years and is rekeyable to your housekey.  Getting a decent padlock doesn’t have to break the bank.  They only cost $20, and they can be rekeyed for the common keyways like SC1, KW1, Medeco, etc.  Minimize the number of keys you have to carry and get a lock worth having.  Do you want a $5 object as the only protection for your belongings?  I have padlocks that you can’t remove with boltcutters!  They are probably better than the hasp you will put them on (I can get you a better hasp, too).

Try out the Abus 83/45 series:

This lock has dual ball bearings meaning that it is difficult to open using shim attacks.  It is made of solid brass, conferring corrosion resistance.  The schackle is also coated with a substance to prevent corrosion in salty environments.  The shackle can be replaced with a larger shackle.  It has a 5/16″ shackle.

If you need better security I can also sell you a padlock with a protected shackle and thicker shackle.  Of course, it is more money too.  It is also a high quality product that will last your whole life and can be serviced to replace worn out parts (if used really often) or have the padlock rekeyed occasionally.  I can even get you a shackle with your company name on it.