Accolades and Testimonials

Please leave a review for my business if you have been served by me or the information on my website.

First I will list the reviews that are left by real people but were filtered for whatever reason by Yelp:

Bjorn showed up on time with Annie in tow.  I got to hold Annie the whole time he worked on two sets of locks.  He was generous in noting that I had good quality hardware and never suggested I replace anything from his stock.  His calm and confident manner is very reassuring and he’s efficient in his work.  I was very pleased with his reasonable pricing but most of all his integrity.  He’ll definitely be the locksmith I will call in the future.”

-Dakota L., 2/1/2014

“Okay, all I can say is that Maple Leaf Locksmith is amazing!!  My roommate finally moved out of my house, after what was about to turn into a legal nightmare.  (You know, not paying rent, possible eviction… you get the picture.)  I was really freaked out, even though she gave me the key back, that she might have made duplicates.  So I took the deadbolt core out and headed around the corner to the local locksmith.  He was over in Bellevue and couldn’t get to it for hours, I was beginning to get frantic.  I called Bjorn and he came immediately over.  He was fast, professional, courteous and got the job done ASAP.  The lock works better now than it ever did!  I will DEFINITELY refer him to everyone that I know and use him again in the future!!!”

 -Sue F., 10/4/2013

“I needed a key for the mailbox in my new townhome.  After 9 days, the PO still had not delivered the key.  I called Maple Leaf.  They were fast, fair, honest, efficient and reliable.  Doesn’t get any better!”

-Laura B., 9/5/2013

“Couldn’t believe how quick this guy arrived in the middle of the night when I got locked out of my car.  Paying a locksmith sucks, but my only comparison being with a dodgy Brooklyn service, the price here was reasonable and the guy didn’t try to tack on any extras.  Friendly and honest service w/ no drama, not bad for someone who’s up all night basically breaking into cars for a living.”

 -P.M., 6/12/2013

“I called Maple Leaf Locksmith to re-key my entire house. The previous owner had a mishmash of different keys and locks. I didn’t feel secure with this and was tired of fumbling around in the dark to find the right two keys to get into my house.

Bjorn was friendly and knowledgeable. He arrived when he said he would and had six locks consolidated to one key within an hour. My keycode / deadbolt lock was not a problem for him.

I was charged exactly what I was quoted for the job.

With two different locksmith / lockout companies in the past, I have had very bad experiences. They show up hours late, then demand a price much higher than quoted because my locks are “special” (they aren’t!), and shadily demand cash.

Maple Leaf Locksmith was a breath of fresh air! They are one of the good guys – quality work, prompt and honest. I would absolutely recommend them.”

-Tyler C., 6/10/2013
“I found this locksmith in our neighborhood and we like to use local businesses if possible.
Bjorn was available the day I called and arrived right on time as scheduled.  He was able to take the lock apart and reuse all parts.  He charged according to his posted prices on the website and was extremely reasonable.I highly recommend giving him a call if you need work done on a lock.  I will pass his number around to family/friends.  Let’s keep the good guys like him working!Satisfied apt. owner.”
Karen F., 5/31/2013

Karen F. was my first customer! She will hold high regard in the annals of Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC until the end of time. Following is a “yelp badge” which you can click on to see the rest of my reviews that are just as real but were not filtered by yelp.

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