Install an Electronic Lock

There are a lot of reasons to consider an electronic lock:

  • No need to pay somebody to rekey your lock anymore
  • No need to carry around, copy, and give out keys; 100 keys is expensive
  • Auditing is possible with higher end locks so you can see whose code was used at what time
  • Set up one-time codes or scheduling.  You can set up higher end locks to automatically unlock at certain times on certain days if desired.
  • Complete control of access to your property.

Once the lock is installed it means that the owner never needs to pay for it to be rekeyed again. The owner/manager can add or delete user codes themselves using instructions that come with the lock.

Going keyless means that every time there is a change in employment or tenants at your property, there is no need to give everybody new keys. Simply remove the individual person’s code from the lock in a few minutes.  Contrast this with another scenario: somebody loses a key and you have to have the entrance door rekeyed and give out 200 keys at $3.50 a pop or more. Having an electronic lock might be less expensive than a conventional lock if you consider the expense of a compromised key.

Don’t discount the advantage of not having keys at all. Go to the gym and nobody will steal your keys out of your locker. No keys to be stolen out of your car. No keys to be lost and then getting locked out.

Higher end keyless locks also have other functions like auditing of user codes.  You can see what time anybody used their code. This is useful for purposes of accountability. If people know you have this ability then they may be less likely to behave poorly on your property.