About Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC

Seattle’s Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC (location) is a mobile service owned and operated by me, Bjørn Madsen. I have been certified by the NWLA as a professional locksmith. I have no employees so when you hire Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC you get me and only me and if I can’t do it I will recommend those who I know can.

In these desperate times of high unemployment and uncertain futures locks are more important than ever.  The gulf between the have’s and the have-not’s is getting wider.  You can try to help those without, but you must also protect what you have. One tool to protect yourself and your property is the lock.
Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC is dedicated to helping everybody including customers and those merely interested in reading about security. On this website you will find a wealth of information which will only grow and improve as my knowledge in the field does. I hope that you will use this website as a resource for your security plans and perhaps use my services or your local locksmith as well.
Maple Leaf Locksmith LLC is licensed, insured and bonded and I have passed the certified professional locksmith test administered by the NWLA.