Install a Door Closer

I can install or replace door closers.  If you are reading this your door closer may be leaking fluid onto the carpet or your door may be opening or closing at the wrong speed.  If so, I can come out and replace your door closer according to the following price schedule:

Service call is $65 to North Seattle, in addition to:

  • Labor for Replacement: $45
  • Parts, depending on traffic and weight of door: $120-350

It takes about 45 minutes to replace a conventional door closer, or an hour to do a fresh installation.  Door closers generally come in two finishes: Duranotic and Aluminum.  Duranotic is a dark brown color.  You should choose whichever one matches your other door hardware.  Look at the color of the door and the door handle when deciding the color for the door closer.  They aren’t generally very attractive, but they are also up above the door where most won’t notice it anyway.

If you are interested in installing a door closer yourself, it can be done.  If the holes are already drilled correctly, it may only require a Phillips screwdriver and a few hours of your time, and maybe a stepstool and a gift for reading directions written by somebody for whom English is a second or distant third language.  It can also be done if you are mechanically inclined and can solve puzzles.  You can order a door closer off of or buy one from me and install one yourself.  Be aware that their are ADA compliance rules for how fast the door can close and how much force is required to open the door though.  Building inspectors in Seattle will require these things if they notice.